Saturday, August 16, 2008


Joris has been able to make the sound "mama" for months, but until the other day has pretty much refused to use it to mean me.

When he first started vocalizing, everything (people, objects, pets) was "DEE!". He used it for "Hey, what's that?", "Look at that!", "I want that", "No, not that one", "Let's go there", "open that", etc.

Then he learned and made up a bunch of sign language signs and communication became much less of a guessing game. He now can initiate conversations and does so all the time. He signs for truck, car, bus or airplane whenever he hears one (Jacob's theory is that Joris' mind has not learned to filter out background noise yet, but I think he might just be excited to communicate what he knows) and the other day he got up in the middle of playing and requested a banana by making the appropriate sign.

He has been using "da da DA da" to mean Jacob for quite a while, although it's been only recently that we finally caught on that it is intentional. This morning he walked up to me and, unprompted, said "Da da DA da" and made the sign for sleep.
"That's right, Daddy is sleeping."

For months, Jacob has been asking him "Where is Mama?", at which Joris would point to me.
"Good. Can you say Mama?"
"Ba ba ba ba"
Sometimes he'd just laugh - often times he'd just stare.

But on Thursday night, as Jacob and I were finishing up dinner, Joris suddenly started babbling "Mama ma mama ma ma".
"Where is she, Joris?"
He points.
"Good. Can you say Mama?"

I'm a puddle of gooey motherly love and pride. So who cares if he's going on seventeen months, he decided to say Daddy, boo (sound cows make in Dutch) and baa (for sheep) well before this and that, since that one time on Thursday, he has not repeated it? My boy called me Mama!

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