Monday, August 11, 2008

Puzzle Genius

Last week, Joris was playing with some puzzles in his room, while I sat in the what used to be the nursing chair, now functioning as reading and dressing chair, folding some laundry. We were both doing our thing, but at some point Joris came up to the chair, trying to get my attention. He had been playing with a barnyard animal puzzle, which has about 10 pieces that show an item you can find around a farm. If you pick up the picture of the stable, it reveals a horse, the farmer is sleeping under the picture of the haystack, there are dogs in the truck, pigs behind a bush, etc.

"Uh", he grunted and then made the sign for cat.
"The cats aren't here. Where do you see a cat?"
He grinned, turned around, walked over to his puzzle and triumphantly pointed to the picture of the cat on the puzzle.
"Very good! That is a picture of a cat!" I praised.
He continued to show me the dogs, ducks, cow and sheep, for which he either has a sign or a sound.

Later that day, Jacob asked me if Joris had shown me his puzzle skills yet. I told him he'd been pointing at the pictures, making signs and sounds. "You can ask him to find the animals when the puzzle pieces are on. He's memorized them all!" Jacob said.

I tried the next day and, sure enough, if you ask him "Where are the chickens?" he lifts the piece with the chicken coup to reveal the chickens.

Like every mother, I believe my child is quite brilliant.

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