Sunday, August 31, 2008

Road Trip

Joris and I took a trip down to Oregon last week to visit Joris' grandma and grandpa, opa and oma and my friends Yuko and Torey. Overall, it was a good trip. Exhausting, but nice. We did have two days of virtually no naps and bad night sleep, but the rest of the time was pleasant.

Here are some things we learned in the 6 days we were gone.

Joris learned:

- to say "Boopa" (opa), thereby increasing his spoken vocabulary to 4 words.
- that going for a walk with opa or oma or playing downstairs with the trains without mama there isn't so bad after all
- that blueberries, blackberries and marionberries right off the bush taste great, but when being presented with them mere hours later, they are poison.
- that sometimes the car is the best place for a nap and sometimes it's torture.
- that some cats don't like being pet and will bite if you try to pet them anyway

Mama learned:

- that planning to drive around nap time sometimes works and sometimes, when you really need it to, doesn't.
- that when you drive the one time the little boo sleeps during the day, it leaves you without a break for the day and TIRED.
- that if you let the boy eat pint fulls of fresh berries, his diapers will actually smell like berries the next day.
- that the city of Eugene has the best playground EVER!
- that having the boy sleep in a strange place is probably preferable to toting him back in the car at night, driving in the dark and pouring rain, have him wake up frantic twice and get a cumulative of barely 7 hours of sleep for the night.

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