Monday, September 15, 2008

Songs and Sounds

Joris has been enjoying participating in a few songs with movements. "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is the one he sings with his dad; making the rain fall down and the sun come up at the right times in the song and definitely practicing his spider crawling with his hands (although it still mostly looks like him rubbing his fists together).

The rest of the interactive songs are Dutch. "In de Maneschijn" (In the moonlight) has 13 different hand/arm movements of which Joris does 6 on his own. It's cute, because he will anticipate them about a line before they actually happen.
"Visje, Visje" (Fishie) is a song he has been practicing for a while - in fact, it's the song that he picked up the sign for fish for, back when he was around 12 months or so.

His current favorite participatory song is "De Krokodil" (the Crocodile). Translated, the lyrics go something like this:
The crocodile lies in the water
The crocodile lies absolutely still
The crocodile comes closer and closer
HAP! And bites you in the butt

By the time we get to the "absolutely still" part, Joris will start saying "Hab! Hab!" and then ask to sing it again.

He is also starting to sound out some words. They pretty much sound the same, so you have to know what he means by context, but he now will excitedly bounce up and down when he sees a bus, pointing and exclaiming "Buh, buh, buh, buh!!"
Bath is "Baah", water is "wa-wa" and when waving bye-bye he will now say "Bu" as in "buh-bye!".

New signs he has recently picked up or developed:
Music (dances to ask to listen to music)

This morning we were reading an animal book and when we got to the picture of the elephants, Joris pointed and said "Mama". For a few seconds I thought that he was thinking I look like an elephant, or worse, that I'm a republican, but then he pointed to the small elephant and made sign for baby. He had remembered that it was a mama and baby elephant!