Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bathroom bliss

While we were enjoying our time at Niagara Falls, my dad remodeled our bathroom. He had offered to do so when it was still part of a whole house remodel & add-on, but even though we got rejected for the loan for that project we decided to do the bath anyway, because it really needed the make-over.

We bought nice porcelain tiles to replace the nasty, yellowed plastic, glued on bath surround, a new vanity, faucets, a cabinet, base boards for the floor and to put around the window and a bath-tub refinishing kit. My dad had some left-over flooring from a bathroom project at their own house, which was just enough for our small space. A matching paint color was the finishing touch.

When we came home on Sunday we were able to walk into an entirely new, classy looking bathroom. I can only imagine the mess it must have been to replace and install everything and I am immensely thankful that I didn't have to be around to witness it!

Here are the before and after pictures (we'll still have to get matching towels sometime...) :o)

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Sarah B said...

That looks amazing! Your dad did a great job...We have been thinking about doing over our bathroom, too. I love that we can shop ideas by looking at your house (not that we'll have the same bathroom next week). I want to check out what your neighbors have done to their Lovell also.

Also, great blog! I didn't realize that you had one.