Sunday, October 12, 2008

No nap soccer reading poop

Earlier this weekend I thought "I have to make sure to mention this on my blog, it's so cute/funny/amazing". Of course, I now have forgotten what it was. I'd like my entries to have some sort of topic, or overall thought to them, but I have a feeling I often will end up writing messy, unorganized, general updates combined with random thoughts. It will be so today, at least.

First of all, I totally jinxed the good sleep we'd been getting by Joris going to sleep easily by writing about it. We have now enjoyed several days of seemingly endless nap and bedtime routines, songs, wiggling, crying, screaming and just playing in the crib and being laughed at when we'd tell him "It's time to go to sleep now". On Saturday, after an hour and a half or so of the nap circus, it looked like it would be another no-nap-at-all day. He did end up falling asleep in the car on the way to Jacob's soccer game for about 10 minutes, then again on the way home, which was close enough to bedtime. He still needed to eat and be changed when we got home, but he woke up so cranky and after a few bites basically begged us to put him to bed.

Even though it's hard to get him to sleep, at least he does stay asleep for about 10 hours when he finally gives in. (Crossing my fingers to not be jinxing this again.)

So, at the soccer game on Saturday, Joris got a hold of a regular sized soccer ball and ran around kicking it pretty much the entire time. I had to almost bribe him to go check out the small playground and swing for a while. He is getting really good at kicking the ball and can keep it going without tripping over it for quite a while. It's funny to see a little boy kicking a ball about a third his size around.

Joris is starting to recognize letters. It started with the letter S. On his ABC puzzle, when you lift off the S, it shows a picture of a snake and Jacob taught him that the snake says sssssss . After a while he started pointing out s's written in books, on magazine covers, cereal boxes, etc. and saying esss.

Then one day he pointed to an A and I told him it is the letter A. Ever since, we can point out an A and ask him what letter it is and he'll say Ah (the Dutch pronunciation).

He has also recently added H, M and O, although they're less consistent.

And yesterday, he apparently pointed at the Obama-Biden Magnet on the fridge as well as the yard sign and signed Obama, but I'm chalking that one up to the Obama campaigns effective use of color and logo. Also, I changed his ABC puzzle so it now has pictures corresponding to Dutch words instead of English and the O is for Obama (of course) - so he probably is just responding to the O - the same way he signs bird or baby for the letter B and lion for the the letter L.

I have been thinking about not mentioning this interest in letters, because, really, there is no way for me to not sound like an obnoxious, bragging mom who spends all day drilling her toddler. And although I am proud and excited about it, I'd like to think it would be no different than if, for example, he'd be able to speak in 2 or 3 word sentences, paint a circle or eat with a fork instead.

I guess we'll see how long the interest lasts before he is on to the next best thing.

I just spent over an hour trying to get both Avery and Joris down for a nap. They both have little drippy-nose colds and had a hard time giving in to sleep. I'm off to find some answers about how much poop is too much. For the last few days Joris has had 4 or 5 poopy diapers a day. And I'm not talking about little smears - they really are loaded. He does eat at least one of two decent meals a day, but it looks like the output far exceeds the input. I'm fairly certain he does not have any secret stashes of food, although it would explain a lot.

Sorry 'bout the poop talk.


Christine said...

I've heard that you should see a doctor if you have a certain kind or color of poop, but I've never heard of too much poop. Maybe he just has a fast metabolism?

Sarah B said...

I heard something about red and blue together being seen differently by toddlers than by adults, something having to do with how human eyes develop...either way, yes, very good logo by Obama, although, recognizing letters at 10 mos is pretty good (coached or not). I think you deserve bragging rights.