Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oo-ah to the power of cute

Joris has been trying to say uh-oh, only he appears to be slightly sound dyslexic and it comes out as oo-ah.


"What's wrong?"

(point to floor)

"Uh-oh, you dropped your grape."


He has really been imitating sounds and trying to sound out words. He added "moooh" (more) and "doooooh!" (doel - goal!) just in the last day.

There have also been a lot of unrecognizable sounds lately, which he says in a very conversational way, like he totally knows what he is talking about. I guess that's called babbling, which most babies do from an early age. However, our boy has been more of the strong and silent type, so it's rather novel for us.

The following is a conversation I've had with Joris at least five or six times today:

"Mama loves you"


"Daddy loves you, too"


"Opa loves you, too"

[signs for uncle Dirk]

"Ome Dirk loves you, too"

Sometimes he throws in "gngh gngh" (auntie Chris) or points to our upstairs room, which we guess means grandma since that is where she appears from in the morning when she stays with us.

He also is chatting himself to sleep now occasionally.

"Dada. Boopa. Dada. Boopa. Dada. Gumgle Mmmaga blap blap moognl plp."

Oo-ah cracks me up every time, though. I hope he won't correct himself any time soon!

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