Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sleep progress

It is only fair to report on sleep improvement instead of only complaining about the hard times. The last few nights, Joris has been sleeping a solid 11 hours straight again, one time even 12 hours! It is amazing how big the difference between 5:45am and 7:00am is.

Jacob has been working some kind of magic when putting Joris to bed. I'm not sure what the exact magic formula is, but it has something to do with Jacob telling him that he is a big boy and will go to sleep by himself, but that daddy will stay and sing him a song while he's falling asleep. Apparently, Joris agrees to this scenario and has been going to sleep easily and without crying. Ok, it's only been a few times now, but it's definitely progress.

Last night, Jacob either left before Joris was fully asleep (it's hard to know because the room is totally dark) or he just woke up after a few minutes, but we heard him calmly, though a little sadly saying "Yep....yep...yep" which also is the sound he now makes when he wakes up and wants us to come get him. It was pretty cute.

I am really hoping the sleep improvements stay.

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Sarah B said...

Jacob must be a great singer...