Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chocolate Meltdown

Joris had his first taste of candy today; grandpa offered him some M&M's as part of a trail mix and as soon as he had popped the first one in his mouth (after eyeballing it suspiciously for a little while) his eyes lit up and he kept asking for more. The peanuts, raisins and almonds that he usually enjoys, just were not good enough anymore.

Now, I have nothing against candy and have, in fact, encouraged Joris to eat chocolate and other goodies on occasion as part of my well-a-calorie-is-a-calorie approach, so I had no problem with him eating some as a snack (and grandpa did ask if it was O.K.). In fact, I was kind of pleased that he found something else that he liked. Earlier today, we had been trying to get Joris to eat some apple pie, which I'm pretty sure he would gobble up, if only he would actually ever take a bite. Which he did not despite our "You like apples, Joris - these are apples only better, with sugar! Mmmm, apples! Do you want to try a bite? See, mama eats apple pie, daddy eats apple pie,.. Joris eat some apple pie, too?" encouragement.

In the afternoon he accepted my "that's enough M&M's, you can have some raisins now" strategy, but as I was fixing his dinner tonight, he spotted the bag of trail mix and demanded them for dinner. I told him that trail mix was not an acceptable dinner, but if he ate either his sandwich or his pasta, he could have some for desert. This however would not do. He started screaming, pointing a quivering finger to the trail mix, getting redder and redder and actually producing tears in his eyes. He worked himself up into such a frenzy that the only thing to do was remove him as far as possible from the evil that is trail mix in order to calm him down. He was so tense and intent and pissed off at our refusal of immediately fixing him what he wanted - it was a beautiful meltdown.

Of course there were people over for Don and Claudia's ceremony (which at that point, thank God, had already happened) so they got to hear the entire tirade. For which I'm actually a little glad, because everyone always comments on how nice, how well-behaved, mellow and easy Joris is, which he is, especially around company. But, man, can he be a regular pain in the butt toddler sometimes!


Christine said...

Hilarious! Not the tantrum, of course, but the toddler finicky-ness. It sounds like he's learned a lot in the past 2 weeks ("home?!?")... can't wait to see you guys again.

Sarah B said...

I LOVE the image of the quivering finger. I can see it! It's all too real!