Wednesday, November 5, 2008


For Halloween, Joris dressed up in his cowboy outfit, given to him by his Ome Dirk. We added a hat and a horse and I have to say that it turned out quite adorable. Joris had practiced riding the hobby horse and galloped around saying "hiiiii".

In the afternoon we went to a nice little halloween party at Colleen and Pedro's house. In addition to Joris the cowboy, there was Pedro the lion, Luna the butterfly and Adam the triceratops.

We all went trick or treating at the University Village, which is a collection of stores close to the U. There were hundreds of kids and their parents there. Joris really enjoyed getting candy in his pumpkin bucket and each time he would locate the new candy, take it out and examine it. When he was offered to pick from a bucket of candy he alternately would try to take the whole bowl, sit down, or really intently stare at the different goodies offered, as if he was weighing the importance of his choice between a tootsie roll or a lollipop.

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