Friday, November 7, 2008


On the plane ride back to Seattle last month, we played a little game with Joris to keep him occupied during his waking hours. Jacob (with Joris on his lap) would say "one, two three...poof!" and point his finger at me, as if he were using a wand. I would then close my eyes, slump my head and make snoring noises. When Joris would say the magic word, "ja" I'd wake up. It entertained him for quite a while.

The other day, Jacob and Joris were playing in the front yard and Joris found a stick. He started waving it around and saying "poof!". Our cat Oskar was in the yard as well and Jacob waisted no time to encourage Joris to poof Oskar. He did, and with each of Joris' poofs, Jacob would say something like "Now Oskar is a rat!"


"Now he's a crocodile!"


"Oh no, Oskar is a hippopotamus! Run!"

Joris thought it was hilarious.

Lately, he has been poofing pretty much everybody. It's been a favorite dinner table activity. Last night we were having dinner at Chris and Jack's apartment and Joris would poof all of us in a row, so he'd wave and point his right hand to poof auntie Chris, immediately followed by his left hand to poof uncle Jack and so forth. It was pretty cute and a great way to make dinner last a while.

Then there was the incident of the screaming monkey. Monkey's are Joris's favorite stuffed animals and when he spotted the small monkey that you can catapult with its long, elastic arms and that screams when it hits the floor, he had to examine it. We have an identical monkey at home and since the one time we made it scream when Joris was less than a year old, Joris was inconsolable for about half an hour and the monkey has been residing on the top shelf of the linen closet.

So we told him that this is a screaming monkey who makes very loud noises.

"Would you like to hear the monkey scream?"


Auntie Chris told him to cover his ears and did an excellent job making it into a fun game. The monkey landed a little ways from Joris and he gave an uncertain little smile when it was done screaming.
Then, of course, it had to be flung another time. This time it landed closer to Joris and he started crying, although he was consoled very quickly.

"Where is the monkey?"


"That's right. Do you want to play with it?"

"No no. No no" (shakes head)

"Do you want to pet the monkey?"

"No. No."

"Shall we make the monkey fly again?"

"NO-NO. no."

We kept asking him periodically throughout dinner and he steadfastly maintained that he wanted nothing to do with the monkey anymore.

So far, this has not translated into a dislike of George and Oo-Oo yet.

A few days ago I found a really nice, wool fall coat for Joris on super sale at a store where I had to return something. It is a dark brown, long, wool coat with a hood and it has those cool toggle buttons. Of course I spent my store credit to get it. It still is a little big on him, but adorable. On the front there is a little fake coat of arms sort of decoration, which totally makes it seem like something worn at Hogwarts. So now we have a Harry Potter coat wearing little man who poofs everything and everyone in sight.

It must really suck to have such dorky parents.

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