Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Portland trip

Two weekends ago we took Joris on the Amtrak train for a visit with his grandparents, aunt Melina, cousins Delia and Livia, uncle Dirk and Melanie and opa and oma.

It is hard to describe the excitement on Joris' face when he saw the train tracks at King Street Station when we walked over the overpass. He kept pointing, signing for train and shrieking. He fell asleep mere seconds before arriving at the Tukwila station (the first stop after leaving Seattle) and as the train stopped, his eyes popped open and he signed "more". It then took two hours before he fell asleep again.

On the way back, he fell asleep the moment the train pulled out of the station.

Overall, it went very well and we'd definitely consider taking him on the train again.

We had a lovely visit with our families. It was nice to see everyone and we were lucky to have the most beautiful fall weather you could imagine.

Here is a video of Joris showing off his kicking skills:

Here are some pictures:

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Sarah B said...

I'm taking M on a similar train trip, just me and him, this weekend. Your story gives me hope! I wasn't sure if M is old enough to get that he'll be meeting his obsession, trains, face to face, but from the sounds of Joris' reaction, maybe so...