Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Travel Jitters

We are leaving for Costa Rica tonight. We've been talking to Joris about it and he knows we are going to see opa, oma, grandma and grandpa and that an airplane and monkeys are involved.

My inlaws live in Playa Hermosa, on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast for big chunks out of the year and after visiting them four (five?) years ago, we have always meant to go again. They now have their own house down there. My parents will be there as well. In fact, they are arriving right about now. My brother and I got them tickets to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, my mom's 65th and dad's 60th birthday. Jacob's dad will be turning 60 as well when we are there, so there is a lot of celebrating to do.

I'm nervous about our travel times. Since our tickets are booked on airmiles there weren't many times available to chose from and, in fact, we should count our lucky stars that we were able to get tickets in the first place. Anyway, we leave at 9:55pm tonight. Then we will spent 4.5 glorious hours in the Atlanta airport before taking the second flight to Liberia and arriving there at 1:00pm. On the way back, all I know is that we are arriving back in Seattle at midnight. Fun!

So, of course, it was of vital importance that we got a good night sleep last night. Which, naturally did not happen. Jacob had a hard time falling asleep and was turning around for a while. I fell asleep 3 times before waking up just before midnight with the most excruciating heart burn I have ever experienced. It was most unpleasant. I think I wolfed down half a container of anti-acids to make it stop. (It surely was caused by a combination of having eaten greasy birthday food and cake and being anxious about traveling.) Then Joris woke up around 2:00, right after we had finally fallen asleep. He woke up for the day at 5:30.

So - I'd better get back to packing and getting as much done while Joris is taking his nap.

I am convinced that we will have a great time once we are there, but I wish that more advancements had been made on the teleporting front...

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