Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Word List

I've been feeling pretty pleased with the increase of Joris' spoken words. And because I like making lists, I started one that list all of his words.

As it turns out, most of his words are either proper nouns or sounds. There are very few actual, well... words. And most of the words and names are not their proper pronunciations or a are missing the ending letters.

But, it doesn't matter. Progress is progress, right? And Joris is very good at communicating what he wants, sees or is thinking about - words or no words.

He has been very into recounting what just happened, or what happened earlier in the day. This morning he kept saying "Emmy [sticks out tongue and tips his head forward] bah", meaning, very clearly, that Avery just threw up. Which she did.

Here's the list. Dutch is ahead for the time being! Hurray!

Aap (monkey)
Pauw (peacock)
Mooi (pretty)
Ja (yes)
Ei (egg)
Daar (there)
Bal (ball)
Bah (yucky)

Bye-bye (well, ba-ba still)

Daddy (upgraded from Dada)
Boopa (opa)
Moma (oma)
Ngkh Ngkh (auntie Chris)
Emma (grandma)
Baba (grandpa)
Emmy (Avery / Madeline)
Ngkh (Koos)

Baa (sheep)
Boo (cow)
Puf Puf (train)
Poof (see previous post)
Mauw (cat)
Bwa Bwa (dog)
Essss (snake / the letter S)
Hap! (bite)
A-voom! (motorcycle)
oo-oo (monkey)
pooo (fart)
a-hoo (wolf howling)
hoo-hoo (owl hooting)

There might be more. I'll add them if I think of them.

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Sarah B said...

Very respectable word list! Our pediatrician says so long as it is a consistent sound associated with a certain thing, even if the pronunciation is terrible, it counts as a word. Also, I think you should be counting his signs in his vocabulary...he understands and can communicate those concepts; I doubt the speaking is far behind.