Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Christine and Jack invited me to join them at their church yesterday on Christmas Eve - Eve for some Christmas carol singing and short scripture readings. Because the service was mostly songs, only an hour long, and Joris had responded so delightedly to the carol singing at Greenlake, we took him along.

Getting there and back was an adventure in and of itself. The roads are still covered with inches thick of compacted ice, and I was happy that a) I wasn't driving, and b) we had snow chains on.

The church had nice, wide, comfortable pews and the band that was playing was quite good. One guy played a soprano sax, which you don't hear often, but is an instrument I enjoy.

Joris behaved as if he was a veteran of many a rock concert, but was unfamiliar with church etiquette. He clapped enthusiastically after each songs while loudly yelling "Yaaaaay!" and bouncing up and down. He and Coco did some throw your arms in the air, head banging sort of moves and, of course, he tried talking in his loudest, clearest voice whenever a scripture was being read.

Towards the end though, he sort of caught on to whispering and he'd whisper back when I'd remind him that we listen quietly to the story.

He alternated between sitting with Chris and Jack, using me as a somewhat inconvenient climbing object situated between them.

He explored all of the pockets of the diaper bag and managed to find the pair of toddler sunglasses that we were unable to locate when we were in Costa Rica. He proceeded to wear said sunglasses for the rest of the service, taking them on and off and pushing them to the bottom of his chin whenever he was unabashedly flirting with the cute 2 year old girl sitting in the pew in front us.

But, he made it through the whole service and I had a great time singing along to the carols. I am not much of a church person (more on this in a different post I'm working on), but I do love Christmas; the sense of excited expectation that has nothing to do with presents under a tree, the sense of community and goodwill. The snow helps, too. Although I'll be kind of glad when that's gone. A week of being house-bound is more than enough.

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