Sunday, December 7, 2008


Our last days in Costa Rica, like the rest of the trip, were very enjoyable. Paul, a friend of Don and Claudia who moved to Playa Hermosa permanently, took us for a walk on the rocks by the ocean during low tide. It was fun to see the crabs scuttle around and check out all of the critters in the tide pools, but the best part was the wind, which was blowing insanely hard that day. Once we got around a corner, out of the lull, we were hit full-blast by the wind - I was actually knocked over (lost my footing) quite a few times. We decided that it felt like a massage, it made you feel all tingly and alive.

On our last day, Don and Claudia took us for a little day trip to the towns of Nicoya and Santa Cruz. It was interesting to see the juxtaposition of these small cities where Costa Ricans live and work to the resort like feel of the Gold Coast towns, where it kind of feels like the Costa Ricans only happen to be there to be employed by the wealthy Westerners who built mega-mansions on their land. Nicoya has a lovely old church that we visited and we enjoyed a terrific lunch in Santa Cruz.

Saying goodbye and leaving was hard. I got a bit teary; for being thrown back into the regular, old day to day routine and for Joris, who will not see his beloved Ahmee and Baba until after he will have turned two.

Grandpa had bought a small stuffed tiger puppet for Joris, who immediately loved the little guy. We named him Coco, since Joris already was able to say Coco and there wouldn't be much use for the beach town name after we got home. Coco helped make the flights and waiting much easier; Joris would have Coco look out of the window, feed him, throw him like a ball and have us make him dance and talk.

We had kept Joris up to take his nap on the first flight, which left at 2:15pm. He was so tired by that time that he fell asleep while we were still parked on the tarmac. Unfortunately there was a diaper leaking incident and the little man woke up after only an hour of sleep (he needed 2 or 3 at least!). He was cranky and hard to keep distracted for the remainder of the 4 hour flight. I think everybody in the airplane was very happy when we finally landed.

We had a two hour layover in Atlanta, which gave us just enough time to go through immigrations, re-check the bags, go through security and pick up something for dinner. We got to board early, which was nice because we were planning to get Joris to eat his dinner, then have him fall asleep when taking off. For unknown reasons however, we taxied for over 45 minutes before finally taking off and at the end of that time poor, tired Joris protested - loudly - until he could finally fall asleep right after take off. God bless white noise.

Joris ended up staying asleep through the whole flight, the transfer into the stroller, baggage check, the drive home and being transferred to his bed. He slept until 5:30am, which I thought was pretty good.

Ever since, he has been sleeping like a champ. Well, there was the 3:45am waking the night before last, but he eventually made it back to sleep and we actually had to wake him up to get to Dutch school. This morning he woke up at 7:30am, after 11.5 hours of sleep! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay this way, but I'm guessing that when he is done making up for his significant sleep deficit from Costa Rica (on average, he slept a total of 2 hours less each day) he will return to his more regular 10 hour nights.

For those of you who are interested in seeing some pictures, I just finished uploading them all to my google/picasaweb account. If you want, you can order prints or download any of the pictures to your own computer. Instructions follow:

To order prints: click on the prints tab and follow instructions.

To download: click on the picture you wish to download so it gets bigger. Then click on the download tab. You can then save it to your own computer and make your own print-outs or use your own print service.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Girl! The blog (especially this Costa Rica section) is fantastic! Problem with the pictures, though. It says I don't have access to the pictures in your Picasa album. Maybe you don't love me....

Carine said...

The picture problem has been fixed. :o)

Anonymous said...


Ik ben blij dat jullie veilig weer thuis zijn. Leuk om je blog te lezen!

-De B