Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow week

Seattle (as well as much of the Northwest) has been hit with an unusual amount of snow and freezing temperatures this last week, which means that the snow (and ice) has been sticking around instead of melting into a snow slushy hours after falling.

Joris is still somewhat apprehensive about the snow, but has been warming up to it a little since earlier this week. He likes playing with the big football and will sometimes ask "hone, biii" meaning "snow, big" or "let's go play with the big football in the snow".

Last night it dumped about 5 inches of snow, topped off by a quarter inch of freezing rain, so that walking in the snow feels like stepping on a giant creme brulee.

Here are some pictures from our week of snow:

Retrieving the big football from its snowy hide-out:

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