Monday, December 22, 2008

Thumb hole

For a few days now, Joris has started imitating words and sounds a lot as well as babbling incomprehensible toddler talk. Maybe half of the words he imitates (which are usually either the key word or the last word of a sentence we say) stick around and he will use on his own, at which point I count it as him speaking a word.

In the last couple of days these words, among others that I already can't remember, have been added to his vocabulary:

kaas (cheese)
klei (clay)
thumb hole

I don't even know if thumb hole is an actual word - or the right word for what we use it for... Whenever Jacob puts Joris' mittens on (which are a bit too big for him, still) he'll say something like "Let's make sure your thumb goes in the thumb hole" and so we ended up walking around the block yesterday with Joris exclaiming "tum hole, tum hole!" for most of the way.

He is also getting more outgoing with people on the street, especially if those people happen to be walking their dog, which recently at least seems to be the main reason people are out on the street at all. He'll say hi and bye and "bwa-bwa (dog) mwa (kiss)". He is still very much into kissing everything.

Which reminds me -- the last time we were at Avery's house I took their pictures under the Christmas tree. They are both such hams, they actually perform for the camera, so I asked them to kiss. I think there is one picture that turned out really cute where give each other a big smooch, right under the sign in the tree that says "love".

This evening Joris put three words plus one sign together, which I believe is a record. Jacob had gone to check if the mail had come (apparently it was too snowy, even for our reliable mail man to make it out today) and threw a snowball at the window. When he came back in, Joris told him "Daddy, ball, hone (snow)" and made the sign for throwing, then repeated the words in various different orders.

Last night added a few more inches of snow to our already impressive blanket and the UW library, where Jacob works, actually closed for today, which is rare. Two metro buses got stranded this morning just around the corner from our house and I think they discontinued the northern part of that route since then. Tomorrow doesn't promise to be much better, although I'm pretty sure Jacob will have to report for work, which will leave Joris and I to go on an adventure to the grocery store for Christmas dinner ingredients. It looks like my family from Portland will not be able to make it up to Seattle on Thursday, so we'll have to adjust our plans a little bit.

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