Monday, December 15, 2008

Uh-oh, Daddy!

This afternoon, Joris and I drove home by ourselves, without picking Jacob up at his work first (it was going to be faster for him to take the bus).

When we got home, we had the following conversation:

Joris: "Home."

Me: "Yes, we are home!"

"Uh-oh, Daddy!...UH-OH, DADDY!!"

"We didn't forget Daddy, sweetie. Daddy will come on the bus."


"Yes, on the bus."

"Baba. Ami."

"Grandma and grandpa?"


"You want to give kisses to grandma and grandpa?"


"Joris, do you remember where grandma and grandpa put all their hugs and kisses for you?"


At which point my jaw dropped because I did not expect him to remember that. When grandpa gave Coco to Joris he told him that he and grandma had put all their hugs and kisses for Joris into Coco, the stuffed tiger that has become like a sixth family member already. Coco plays ball with Joris, Coco reads him books and, of course, Coco is needed at nap and bedtime. I do sometimes wonder if Coco holds such a revered place because he is the bearer of hugs and kisses from Baba and Ami.

It's after moments like these that it becomes more frustrating to have to listen to an endless caveman chorus of "uh, uh, uh, UH, UH!" when he wants something, when he is clearly capable of more sophisticated communication. Although I'm sure we'll miss the caveman, when he finally evolves...

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