Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why Auntie Chris is better than Santa

Auntie Chris has always had a special relationship with Joris. She was there when he was born and ever since, through a combination of her ever-present excitement and obvious love for him whenever he sees her and the frequent visits, she has become one of the most important people in his life.

Whenever the phone rings he'll say "ngkh-ngkh".
Whenever we hang up the phone, he'll say "ngkh-ngkh".
At random moments during the day, he brings up her name.

Ngkh-ngkh holds great power, because it seems like there isn't anything Joris won't do to be in auntie Chris' good graces. Invoking her name means instant cooperation. Which is why I abuse the power whenever I can.

"Joris, we need to put your pants on."

"No. No. NO. NO. NO!"

"Do you want to go visit Auntie Chris?"


"Then we have to put your pants on. Auntie Chris does not like little boys without pants."



"That is very loud."


"Joris, can you please stop yelling?"


"You know, auntie Chris does not like it when you yell."

"Ngkh Ngkh!"

So, rather than having the one month a year when parents can manipulate their kids into cooperation by suggesting that Santa might not be pleased with their behavior - I have a year-round auntie Chris to help make my toddler behave - or at least distract him momentarily.

Also, auntie Chris is way less scary than the guy in the red suit and a whole lot cuddlier. And when we hang out with her she is both entertainment for Joris and provides great adult conversation for me - and when is the last time you ever had a pleasant cup of coffee with Saint Nick?

Which is why auntie Chris is much, much better than Santa.


Christine said...

Wow! No one's ever thought I was better than Santa before. I'll ride that wave as long as it lasts!

Christine said...

Oh, and I hope that someday when Joris prefers Santa, you'll still want to get coffee together :)

Sarah B said...

I'm jealous! I want an auntie Chris..

Carine said...

I think each newborn should come with a standard-issue auntie Chris. I realize we're very lucky to have one!

And yes, coffee dates will always be fun, regardless of Joris' infatuation with you. :o)