Sunday, January 4, 2009

Approximations & Christmas

You know how toddlers speak in a language that approximates real speech, but that only their parents can (partially) decipher? Joris has been having lots of fun imitating words, inventing his own words and experimenting with different inflections. I cannot possibly start to list all of the new words he has gained, but below are some of my favorite (not quite the actual) words:

boop (book)
boop (boat)
kee-kee (uncle Jack)
ten (train)
cole (school)
tin (spin)
os (Oskar)
mahnie (Melanie)
dok (oom Dirk)
hahpee (puppy)

and, of course:

cock (clock - he uses this occasionally together with his invented word "hacko")
teat (sit)

Joris has been happy to his new friend Madeline again this week and I think she is a positive influence on his language skills since she can say pretty much everything. One of their favorite activities this week was playing with the bright pink, princess adorned, plastic tea set that Maddie got for Christmas. Tomorrow we will see Avery again, who Joris has been talking about for the full two weeks that we've not seen her. It is getting confusing however to figure out now who he means when he says "Amee". We'll have to ask "Grandma? Avery? Madeline?" and he'll say "ja" when we mention the one he means. Hopefully they'll get individual names in not too long.

I have kind of neglected to write about Christmas. Too much other stuff to do! We had a lovely time, though. On Christmas itself, auntie Chris, uncle Jack and our friend Richard, who has recently moved to Seattle, came over for lots of appetizers and a late table grill dinner. It was really fun.

The Saturday after Christmas, my parents, brother and his girlfriend, Melanie all were able to make it up to Seattle. They had planned to spend Christmas with us, but were unable to leave due to the massive amounts of snow in Portland that day. My dad had two of the plastic greenhouses collapse due to the snow and actually had to use the tractor to make it out to the mailbox! Anyway, it was a really great visit and Chris and Jack joined us again for dinner. We had a fancy ham Christmas dinner which turned out pretty good.

Joris has been mentioning oom Dirk, but especially Melanie a lot this last week, including pointing out pretty, blond, young women and very hopefully exclaiming "Mahnie!". I think his sentiments mirror the rest of us in thinking that Melanie is a very nice girl who we hope will someday be a permanent addition to the family.

Here are some pictures:

Uncle Jack and the flying lion

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for welcoming Melanie into the Family! :)
-Oom Dirk