Thursday, January 22, 2009

Garbage Truck

A few nights ago when Joris had rejected every song title as well as the few recite-from-memory stories, Jacob started suggesting some non-existing story titles. When he asked "shall daddy tell you the story of Coco and the garbage truck?", Joris uttered a very excited "ja".

Ever since, he requests the retelling of the story any opportunity he gets.

"Coco ba-ga-kuk"

Which never ceases to put a smile on my face because the way Joris pronounces the word. If you didn't know that the sound was him trying to say "garbage truck" you'd probably think he was choking or having a small seizure.

When auntie Chris and uncle Jack were over for dinner last night, they had to tell the story of Coco and the garbage truck as well. I think he was a little surprised to hear that they had a different version.

Today was garbage day and all day, with each rumbling sound he'd hear, Joris would exclaim "ba-ga-kuk!" When the garbage truck came, we looked out of the window and waved and as soon as the truck left, a resounding chorus of "mowe ba-ga-kuk" started.

Jacob just sang Joris to sleep by singing the words "garbage truck" to the tune of Tom Waits' "Time". ("And it's time, time, time" now sounds like "garbage truck, truck, truck") It was was very hard not to laugh out loud.

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