Wednesday, January 7, 2009

If I were a truck...

In addition to balls, books, trains, cars and, recently, clay, Joris really likes songs. They have always been a part of his bedtime routine and they are also a stellar distraction technique.

Several months ago, I ordered some Dutch kids cd's from Holland and Joris has taken a particular liking to the Cowboy Billie Boem ones and will ask to listen to them by saying "kaboom!". To one of the songs (translated called the band-aid song) he will say all of the ending words / syllables:

Ik ben vandaag gevallen, nu ben ik bont en... blauw
Het gebeurde tijdens het... bal
Van je boem, boem...auw!

Ik heb een pleister op m'n elle... boog
Een pleister op m'n... knie
Ik heb er ook een boven m'n linker... oog
Ja, ik heb er... drie

Van je boem, boem... auw! (x3)
Nu ben ik bont en... blauw

Since he has discovered the power of saying "no", he has been harder to please at bedtime with the songs we sing. He'll either cut us off mid-sentence by saying no, or if we ask him "Do you want to sing (X) song?", we'll go through a lengthy list before he settles on something he wants to listen to.

Or he requests the same song, time after time. There was a moment when I was sitting next to his crib one morning at 2:00AM, singing "Apples and Bananas" for the 85th time that night (which had been the all night, every night request for several weeks already) when I was seriously contemplating the relative pleasure of slashing my wrists with my own dull fingernails.

But, often, Joris' interest is peaked in new and different songs and the only way to break the string of rejected songs is to suggest something he does not know and sounds interesting. Which is how we have ended up with such gems as "If I were a truck" and "Tiger, tiger".

"If I were a truck" started off as an attempt at distraction in the car, which worked so well, that it soon became a favorite. The tune changes slightly every time because we don't remember exactly how we sang it last, but it originally was to the tune of "The wheels of the bus".

If I were a truck, I'd have four wheels
I'd have four wheels, I'd have four wheels
If I were a truck, I'd have four wheels
And they'd go round and round

(And then there are doors, windows, an engine, radio, etc.)

One night, at his wit's end after an endless list of rejections, Jacob asked "Shall Daddy sing a song about Coco?" to which Joris excitedly said "Ja!".
"Coco is a tiger, so it will be a song about tigers."
In Jacob's own words, the song is tediously repetitive with mostly non-sensible rhymes, but it never ceases to crack me up.

Tiger, tiger, stripy cat
Tiger, tiger wears a hat

Tiger, tiger wants to dance
Tiger, tiger wearing pants

Tiger, tiger likes to flirt
Tiger, tiger wears a shirt

Tiger, tiger wearing shoes
Tiger, tiger drinks some booze

Maybe someday we'll have a whole treasury of made up songs!

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Sarah B said...

Those are some good songs! I've heard worse on Noggin and Sprout...