Thursday, January 1, 2009


Since a couple of weeks, Joris has started to develop a sense of pride - or maybe just a stronger sense of self. It started when I recruited him to decorate the green gift boxes we'd use for Christmas gifts (Jacob baked a shit-load of delectable cookies) with red paint. He got really into the painting after practicing for on a few sides and started saying "more" when he wanted to move on to a different side - all the while muttering "mooi, mooi" (pretty).

When the boxes were drying, he'd point to them, say "mooi" and then point to himself with the utter most pleased expression on his face.

Since then, Joris has been pointing out things he has done and saying "Doota" (which he still uses to name himself).

"Dee!" (Check out these cars stacked on top of each other!) - "Doota" (I did that!)

"Dee!" (The man is driving the truck!) - "Doota"

"Mama koosh. Daddy koosh. Doota koosh." (We all have juice!)

He is definitely grasping the whole idea of property and I'm waiting for the time when everything will be "mine, MINE!". So far, he just points out and remarks on what belongs to whom.

"Amee, kei (klei -rhymes with "I"). Doota, kei" (That's Maddie's clay, this is my clay).

"Hat, Doota - hat, Doota" (Joris should wear his hood, it's raining).

Happy New Year!

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