Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Soccer fun

Yesterday, at Avery's house, Joris was delighted to discover that Avery's parents had gone ball shopping over the weekend. In addition to the balls she already had, there now were a soft baseball, football and a big and little basketball. For the first 15 minutes or so he kept picking up the balls, squealing "biii cash-ball! Tin cash-ball! Ha-ball! Whack!" (translated: big basketball! little basketball! Football! Baseball!). When Avery was still napping we practiced catching the ball, which he is getting better at.

A little while ago, friends of ours (thanks, Paul and Sarah!) pointed out that there is an indoor soccer organization in Seattle that offers classes for kids as young as 18 months. Of course, knowing our little man's near obsession with balls, and especially kicking balls, we had to check it out. It sounded fun (50 minutes of active games with lots of balls around) albeit a bit spendy. But, a perfect activity for Joris.

When we got another financial contribution from my grandma (who tries giving away some of her money about twice a year) we decided that we'd use the money to enroll Joris, if it turned that he'd like the class.

Jacob really wanted to take him and Tuesday mornings were the only time the class was offered that would work for us. (On the weekend it would interfere with the Dutch play group.) So this morning the boys went to check out the Arena Sports class.

Apparently Joris cheered with glee when he saw the open field filled with balls and insisted on carrying one of the balls around even when they were playing "red light, green light", which doesn't require balls. He had a blast and was excited to be participating in the different games, songs and activities. When he came back he told me "A,B,Tee, Mama!". They had sung the ABC song while playing with a parachute. They even ran into people they knew; my PEPS friend Sue and her son Adam attend the class as well!

Of course, Jacob signed Joris up for the rest of the quarter. I think it worked out well for everyone; Joris enjoyed the outing, Jacob felt like he was able to spend some time with the little guy and I got to enjoy nearly two hours (!) of being-home-alone time, which I used to clean (it's amazing how much you can get done in an hour without a toddler there to 'help'!) and start listing my thrift store finds on Ebay (have I ever mentioned how much I like thrift store shopping? It's amazing both what people will donate to a thrift store and what others are prepared to pay for certain things - i.e. Harry Potter Lego figures).

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