Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big butt ha-ha

This morning when he got up I took Joris and an armload of stuffed animals to bed with me to cuddle for a few minutes. After a little bit, Joris thoughtfully said "bii butt" and patted the sheets.

"Big butt?"


"Bee but?"

"Noooo. Bii butt!" (pats the sheets again)

"Do you have a big butt, Joris?"


"Does Mama have a big butt?"
"What's a big butt?"

(Joris started making seriously frustrated noises.)

"Bee but,.. big butt?... Babet?..."

"Big bed?" Jacob finally ventured.

"Jaaa! Doota bii but!"

"Joris is in the big bed!"

"Ja. Mama ook. Daddy ook. Bii but."

"Mama and daddy are also in the big bed."

Yesterday, Joris and I were playing soccer at the Pinehurst park. There still was some snow on the ground which had started turning to a nice crispy sort of ice layer which made this satisfying crunchy sound when walking on it. Joris made his longest, most complicated statement yet:

"Doota walk hone. Mama ook."

Joris is walking in the snow. Mama also.

One of my favorite Joris-isms is "ha-ha". In Dutch, the verb for to retrieve, go get, pick up is "halen". One day, a month or two ago we were on our way from Avery's house to pick up Jacob from work and Joris repeated "daddy ha-ha" after I told him we were going to pick up daddy. The verb stuck and now, whenever he goes and gets something, he'll use "ha-ha"

"Coco ha-ha"

"Doota milk ha-ha"

Etc. It still makes me smile.

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Sarah B said...

Wow! It's so cool to hear about Joris talking!