Sunday, March 22, 2009


Joris has been voicing his understanding of "happy" and "sad" recently. A few weeks ago, at Maddy's house, we were reading a book that had a page featuring a glad fish and a sad fish (take a guess on the author). He appeared concerned about the sad fish and lifted the book to his face to plant a big kiss on the sad fish, so he would feel better.

A recently re-discovered favorite book is Sandra Boynton's "Birthday Monsters" book. Next time you see Joris, you should ask him to read it to you - he is getting pretty close to memorizing the whole thing... Anyway, he has a little orange dinosaur / monster stuffed animal that rather looks like it could be one of the birthday monsters in the book, and he has been toting it around the last couple of days. Today, at the hardware store he kept saying "birthday monster happy" and confirmed that birthday monsters like hardware stores.

Moments ago, Jacob had to go back into Joris' bedroom to convince him to go to sleep. Joris was crying to be picked up and when Jacob finally gave in, he started calming down, and with a quivering voice announced "". He repeated it again when he had calmed down and had nestled himself in his daddy's arms.

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