Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things Joris does that crack me up

1) A recent favorite activity, if you can really call it that, is watching cat food. That's right, WATCHING CAT FOOD. Not cats eating the cat food, although he doesn't mind that either, but Joris will actually announce that he'd like to look at the cat food and will proceed to lay down on his belly in front of Koos and Oskar's little bowls, looking at them. Last night he brought out a chair on which to sit while watching cat food (see picture). Of course, the trick is that when mama tires of watching the boy stare at some bowls and inadvertently walks into the other room to do something that might actually be useful, he will sneak a couple of pieces of cat food in the water and watch them get all soggy . He thinks he is getting away with something and I think that getting a half hour (no kidding!) of cleaning time in exchange for some waterlogged pieces of cat food is more than a fair trade.

2) Sometimes when I hold him and he is facing me, Joris will softly stroke and twirl strands of my hair with both hands. He will then look at me, cock his head and says "hi" in his sweetest, most angelic little voice. Then he will proceed to cover my face with my own hair, really mess it up as well as he can and says "bye!".

3) When having dinner at Avery's family's house this week, Joris and Avery were so excited to see each other that they ran from one end of the house to the other and back again, shrieking and panting like puppies FOR 45 MINUTES. It also involved collapsing into giggly puddles on the rug.

4) When we are at the park and one of the local high school kids is playing basketball, Joris insists on watching him play. He will then give a running commentary: "waak!" (raak, meaning it went in), "he miss!" when the ball doesn't go on and, if that happens a few times in a row "more in? more in!". Poor kid. Nothing like getting pressured to perform well by a one year old.

5) Joris now insists on wearing his new Obama hat whenever he plays basketball. The hat was a gift from his friend Miles and the basketball hoop was an early birthday present from his grandparents. Apparently, they now go together.

6) Joris has five stuffed animals that sleep in the bed with him; Aap, George, Coco, Bruin the Bear and Owl. All five have to be accounted for when he goes to sleep and when he gets up he will say "Doota pail animal pas" (Joris veel animals vast or "Joris wants to hold his many animals") and insist on holding all of them before you lift him and his animal posse out of bed. Which is easier said than done when you have just woken up, especially since they really are two big armfuls of stuffed animals for him. (Talking Lion is also hanging out in this picture and although he is definitely well-loved, he is not a bedtime companion.)

All in all, my days are pretty entertaining.


Christine said...

I'll miss this age when it passes.

Sarah B said...

I can't quite make it out from the picture, but I KNOW Joris is totally grinning at the cat food bowl. That is hilarious.

And the Obama hat? Everybody knows what a good basketball player our 44th President is; Joris is just suiting up for his game, the same way everybody wore Air Jordans in the 80s.

Your kid is so funny.