Friday, April 24, 2009

Another job

I don't remember if I ever updated the final outcome of my employment predicament. I ended up having lots of offers from families needing a nanny and finally settled on spending two full days with Avery again (her mom had been able to find another job) and two mornings a week with a little girl named Isla, who, like Avery is also 3 months younger than Joris.

This week, I officially got accepted as a script writer. It's a work-from-home position I got thanks to my brother (it's at his company) and involves writing the scripts for short internet advertising movies - like infomercials. It isn't steady work, as it depends on how many clients the company receives at any given time, but, it definitely is a nice complement to my other jobs and it will be nice to have a little additional income.

In other news of things that consume my time; I have started a FaceBook group for Seattle area parents. I've become quite the FaceBook addict since joining just a few months ago. So dorky... but fun.

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