Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Birthday bash

Joris turned two this past Saturday. TWO! Seriously, where does the time go - this year seems to have just zipped by!

We had, probably somewhat overly optimistic, planned his party to take place at a local park; Joris and his toddler friends would be able to run around, play at the playground, we'd play some games, blow bubbles and eat cake. It would have been just perfect, were it not for the fact that it was pouring down rain and a minor storm was blowing through our fair state.

So we faced the prospect of hosting 6 toddlers inside our comfortable, but decidedly small home. However, due to the endless cold season and toddlers never taking naps when you want them to, we ended up with only two small guests; Joris's friends Pedro and Miles. With my parents, brother and fiancee as well as auntie Chris and uncle Jack visiting, we still had a full house, but we avoided the sheer madness that the double amount of little folk might have caused.

The boys got along just great and we had a wonderful afternoon. The only gaffe turned out to be forgetting to pass out the party favors, so we ended up with 8 helium balloons and as many bottles of bubbles.

Joris got some great gifts, all of which he has already extensively used; we played soccer in the park with his brand new ball, went for a bike ride on his new tricycle, he wore his Seattle Sounders shirt to soccer class, read his new train books about a bazillion times, played with his new trucks and playmobil house ("Mama poop!" - as he set the mother doll on the toilet - "Daddy sit table. Eat cheese. Mama poop more".) And he has already played for hours with his tea set; serving his stuffed animals cups of water, deciding what color fork belongs to whom, passing out imaginary cake, all the while murmuring things like "Coco thirsty. Birthday monster time cake! Aap sip water." Today, when he decided he was done "playing cups" I reminded him to clean up. When I came back into his room to check on him he has very neatly stacked all the plates, lined up the forks on top of them and put the cups in a row. Sometimes I fear that we have a little Monk on our hands (especially combined with the obsessive hand wiping thing).

Even with all the wonderful gifts that he truly enjoyed, Joris seemed, of course, most excited about the balloons strewn across the living room. He spent lots of time chasing balloons, kicking or hitting them up into the air and dunking them into the basketball hoop.

The next few days, at nap time as well as bed time he would lift up his sleepy head and ask "Play balloons more?"

"You can play with the balloons tomorrow."

"Play balloons now?"

"No. It's time for sleep. You like playing with the balloons, huh?"


"We'll play again tomorrow, when you wake up."

"Play balloons'morrow."

And when he woke up, he just about peed his pants with excited anticipation of playing with the balloons. (Of course, that is not too much of a different state than usual.) Playing with balloons is totally going to be my rainy day back-up entertainment plan.

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Christine said...

It makes sense that if "Daddy eat cheese" then he's not the one on the toilet. I have to wonder, though, what Mama's been eating?