Saturday, April 18, 2009

First baseball game

Jacob took Joris to the Mariner's opening day last week. I do believe Jacob had been waiting for this moment ever since the 20 week ultrasound showed there was a tiny penis attached to our squirmy little fetus.

He ordered tickets within moments of going on sale and subsequently spent a week and a half or so calling and sending me anxious emails throughout the day to see if tickets came in the mail yet.

Jacob did a good job explaining to Joris what was going to happen and when he picked him up at Avery's house, where had just woken up from his nap, Joris could relate that they were going to a baseball game, there are going to be lots of people, lots of noise and they would eat something. He was also able to repeat "Go Mariners!"

They sat through the first three innings and Joris mostly actively watched the game, asking for "more baseball?" whenever there was a lull in the game.
Then they spent the next three inning watching all of the trains (it was rush hour) go by, waving and cheering and eating pretzels, before heading home on the bus.

It sounded like it was a pretty successful outing.

Watching trains:

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