Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joris meets Mayor Nickels

We took Joris and his buddy, Miles to the re-opening of a local fire station. Despite the two boys' love for transportation vehicles, they were mostly just kind of overwhelmed. We'd had visions of taking their pictures inside the fire truck; possibly even trying to wear a too-big helmet or something, but I think there were just too many people and the truck might have been just a tad too high, shiny and intimidating.

But we did run into Mayor Nickels and had the guys' pictures taken.

I wish we had thought of something clever to say; plug public transportation or our neighborhood's need for sidewalks, for example, but we basically just said hi and bye. Which was fine.

Afterwards we went to Magnuson Park where I zipped over to the Seattle Public Library book sale to see if I could score any Dutch language books while Jacob watched the boys on the playground. Miles and Joris get along very well, and it was cute to see them interact together.

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