Sunday, April 5, 2009

Night #4 and plumbing problems

Sunday, night #4 of crying it out.
Jacob left Joris' room at 8:12. Joris responded with a lackluster "eh, uh, daaaddy" and has not been heard since. Can it really be that easy?

Of course, he was super tired and full of Red Robin hamburger and french fries.

The reason for this unscrupulous splurging on a Sunday night is that we have no kitchen sink. Or rather, there is a sink, and it's nice, but it's not hooked up to anything. A Jaluit sink, if you'd like. (In Jaluit, our first house had a sink that emptied out into the cabinets, so we still ended up brushing out teeth, draining pasta, etc. outside.)

We've been having trouble with the sink draining properly whenever the dishwasher runs (partly due to a busted garbage disposal) and lately with draining in general. We replaced our old dishwasher that was really only redistributing the dirt, with a much newer model in flashy stainless steel; a fantastic Craigslist find. Jacob hooked it up himself and it's working beautifully.

In the spirit of "let's make the kitchen actually function like it's supposed to again" we also got a new (to us) sink that has two equal bowls and no garbage disposal and yesterday, Jacob took out the old sink and put in the cool cast iron one. It looks wonderful, but unfortunately, due to the bowls being deeper, the plumbing does not line up anymore and we need to get the drain pipe's height adjusted, which involves all sorts of cutting and sawing.

Which is why we're eating off paper plates and trying not to dirty too many dishes; the dishwasher is nearly full and we can't run it until we have the sink hooked back up.

When we came back from the Marshall Islands I was convinced that I would never, ever take running water for granted anymore, but it became very clear this weekend, that I've failed in that resolve.

It looks like we're going to need a plumber to help us with the pipe adjustment and hopefully the sink will be back up and running within a couple of days.

Until then, it's drinking bathroom water and trying to conserve dishes (or buckling down and just washing a load of dishes in a bucket) for us!

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Dewayne said...

OMG....I CAN'T believed it!!! Ur baby boy is grown up now. I also can't believe that he is doing something that any children cannot do at that age, even talk..How smart that baby.OH!!!SO SAD,I WISH I U ARE HERE...