Saturday, April 11, 2009

Telling stories

Remember the Coco and the Garbage Truck story? It has evolved from a simple story of Joris and Coco looking out the window watching the garbage truck pick up the garbage, to an epic tale of an endless variety of trucks parading past the window. With each truck, Coco will be convinced that this must be the garbage truck and each time, Joris will correct Coco and tell him what kind of truck it actually is.

Joris has been very into memorizing and retelling stories lately, and he will practice, or recite parts of them throughout the day. He'll be playing with his train or doll house or anything else, really, and you'll overhear bits an pieces of stories or books.

"No, Coco. Not garbage truck. Is school bus!"

"Wow. Coco, really neat!"

"Gzzzhhh, bwwww, cash (garbage truck noise). Really loud!"

"The Little Engine That Could" might be his current most favorite book and he has memorized most of the story. It's quite astounding to hear him narrate long and complicated (for a toddler) sentences.

"Hitch self little train" (She hitched herself to the little train)

"Please, shiny new engine"

"Funny little clown. Flag."

"Good boys girls other side mountain."

Other current favorite books that he likes to recite or complete sentences out of are "Oh my oh my oh dinosaurs" (dinosaurs crammed in an elevator!), "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and a variety of Curious George books.

Joris has decided, however, that singing just whatever no longer is cool. That is, his parents singing random stuff. Where first he couldn't get enough of hearing us croak out whatever had a bit of a tune, now he will start to frantically shake his head, saying "No, no, no. No lalalala." (or whatever we'll be singing).

He does definitely still like songs, but has just become picky about what he wants to listen to. We've been going to a great 'play and learn' group at the Broadview library on Wednesdays and after only going twice before, he was already eagerly anticipating the fire truck song and the monkey song.

I wish I had more Dutch resources because it seems like he is getting all of his new vocab from books or songs. My in-laws will be in Holland in a week or so and have promised to bring back some books and cd's, which will be great. It's getting harder and harder to translate stories because the stories are getting longer and more complicated and some stuff is just un-translatable (Dr. Seuss, anyone?). Joris has decided that the Nijntje series is not interesting enough anymore, which is too bad because it makes up most of our Dutch book collection.

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