Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two Year Check-up

I took Joris for his 2 year check up last week. One of the things I like about his pediatrician is that he has never made Joris' weight an issue. While we convinced ourselves that Joris gained TONS of weight and must surely weigh 26, no 27 or more pounds at the very least, it was a little sobering to see the 24.7 number appear. But, his pediatrician just looked at that and said "Still on the slight side, just as expected. But hey, he's made it into the 10th percentile for weight now!". Up from off the chart, 0% and 5%.

Height for age is in the 76th percentile and head circumference in the 95th. Tall, skinny and giant-headed; he sure is our boy.

The last time Joris had a check-up (around 16 months) I expressed concern about his language development, being that he has still not uttered a single actual word at that time. The doctor told us that there would not be anything to worry about as long as he had one word by 18 months of age, which Joris nicely obeyed by saying "Dada" at 17.5 months. This time, the doctor actually had a conversation with Joris; asking him where he likes to go and what he likes to do.

When he asked if Joris enjoyed reading books I somewhat hesitantly ventured that he likes books a lot, so much in fact that he has learned all the letters of the alphabet. And recognizes about 30 written words. I'd been debating with myself if I was going to bring it up at all, because I know it sounds conceited and trite; in the same way as when roll my eyes when I overhear people gushing about their infants' ability to hold up their heads at 2 weeks of age or how their one year old is obviously gifted because she can stack four blocks. But then I thought, hey - it's a pediatrician's job to deal with insufferable parents and he is getting paid good money to do so. I'm not sure if the doctor didn't believe me, or was just curious to see, but he actually asked Joris to read the letters on the shirt of his little Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. Joris obliged and the doc was duly impressed.

Joris only needed one additional vaccine this time, and he just scowled when they injected it.

We got to pick out another book and then were on our merry way again, not needing to come back until he is three years old!

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