Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hilarious statements of the evening

1) Food falls out of Joris' mouth as he is trying to talk and chew a the same time. He gets upset and starts crying a little. Mama fishes around the booster seat to try to locate the chunk of chewed up burrito and triumphantly holds it up when she finds it.

"Mama hold"

As if I was trying to force the spilled food back into his mouth.

"Throw away. Mama throw away!"


2) We try to convince Joris that the very horseradish-y, Chinese hot mustard is not a good dipping sauce for him to eat.

"Here smell it. Does it smell strong? Yucky?"

"Smell good."

"Really? Did you smell it? Can you smell how hot it is?"

"Smell good. Smell Auntie Chris!"


Christine said...

Smell Auntie Chris?!?

Carine said...

Smell like Auntie Chris...

The smell of horseradish-y mustard is somehow reminiscent of Auntie Chris?

I had tears rolling down my cheeks.

Christine said...

This morning I sniffed all my bathroom products. None smelled like Chinese mustard. Maybe he remembered the smell of all that raw garlic I ate with you guys on Monday!