Thursday, May 21, 2009

Of crushes and uncles

I took May to the airport on Sunday during Joris' nap. He had hugged her goodbye and knew she was going home, but still asked about her after he got up. Then on Monday, when first Christine and then Jacob came home and jiggled the door handle, he jumped up and very hopefully said "May!". But, when you ask him now, he'll tell you that "May go home on airplane."

The visit definitely made an impression, especially the visiting the Space Needle part. He talks about it all the time; while getting changed (he now has a picture of the Space Needle above the changing table), to anyone who comes by and even when playing by himself. Usually the story goes something like "Mama and May and Daddy and Joris and Mama and May go up Space Needle! And Joris also! See trains. See water airplane!". Today he was playing telephone and told us that Moma, Boepa, Baba and Amee were all on the phone. I asked him where they were and he replied "Downtown! See Space Needle!" He also insists on wearing his Space Needle shirt, which is actually his Seattle Sounders shirt, whenever he thinks about it.

Looking at the pictures of our get-together, he started identifying our friend Richard as "uncle Richard" and then, once, as "uncle Trinh". And I'm sure it's confusing, this whole uncle business; he does have an uncle Richard, who we talk about and look at pictures of, but who he does not remember ever having met. And uncle Trinh looks kind of similar to Richard - and we did just see him. And then there's uncle Jack who shows up at our house pretty regularly and since Richard is a fairly frequent visitor as well, it would only make sense that he is an uncle too, right?

With Joris' recent interest in Seattle (well, the Space Needle, which he knows is in Seattle) and the emerging knowledge that we live in a place called Seattle and other people that we know live in places with different names, I put up a world map on the wall and printed out mini-pictures of the people he knows and taped close to the area or country they reside in. It's a little crowded in the Northwest, but with family on the East Coast and in Costa Rica and Holland, it almost evens out.

Joris likes looking at the map, although he mostly uses it to point out May and stands so close that it looks like he's just about to kiss the picture. I think he has a major crush.

Also, the map doesn't name Jaluit as an atoll, but did list Kili (which is a super small single island) and Namu. It also left out Kwajalein and Ailinglaplap, which are two of the largest atolls in the country. My thought is that maybe those just had too many letters. Five or more and you just don't fit on the map!

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