Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Play little house?

Remember when I told you about the playground at the Jewish school? The actual playground does not hold a lot of interest to Joris, but he loves playing in the little play house (a quite sizable structure - it would fit all three of us fairly comfortably). Mostly he runs or jumps inside and says something like "Joris inside little house!" and then runs or jumps out again. This apparently is very entertaining and having the little house there has been a great resource.

Until the school installed "no trespassing" signs.

Followed by erecting an fence. An 8 foot tall, steel fence. With spikes. And a lock. And surveillance cameras.

I'm half expecting to find a couple of viciously barking Doberman Pinschers to greet us next week.

"Play little house?" Joris asks almost every day.

"We can't play at the little house. The gate is locked" we say, which Joris seems to accept. It's not like he can ignore the big, black monstrosity either.

Although it's probably a fine opportunity for teaching disappointments in life, I'm trolling Craigslist to see if we can find a little house for him to play in instead - he is just so damn cute and happy looking when playing - and we're toying with idea of building one. Boepa - want to help?

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Sarah B said...

What was going on in that little house that required fences and locks to keep people out? Prostitution? Crack smoking? Illegal signature gathering? Very weird.