Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yin and Yang

Some of our favorite Joris-isms are disappearing, sometimes slowly, sometimes all of a sudden. Like "ooh-ah" finally got replaced by "uh-oh", so have "nkg-nkg" (auntie Chris)and "hacko" (clock) fallen by the wayside. Of course other, similarly amusing speech developments have taken their place (his name for example has gone from "dootah" to the current "Lotis") and we're usually entertained by most words and sentences that come out of his mouth.

Except for "no".

Or, rather, "NO!".

I'm not so fond of that word anymore, since I hear it approximately six million times a day. In fact, it is the standard response to just about everything.

"Put your shoes away, please."

"Do you want a banana or some raisins?"

"Three little monkeys sitting in a tree..."
"No. NO! NO! NO moh-kins!."

And my favorite:

"Let's go have some fun!"
"No. NO! NO FUN!"

He has also perfected the most snarling, growl-like way of saying no that makes it seem like our sweet little guy suddenly got possessed by an evil, green, ancient demon, (it sounds like NOW!) which is both humongously aggravating and totally hilarious, depending on the recipients' level of patience, humor and hormones.

There has also been a distinct increase in mini-tantrums, which now occur at nearly every diaper change and each time Joris gets a little frustrated. He is still fairly easily distracted and I think it's just his way of testing his boundaries, which I'm pretty sure is what all the no saying is about as well. The power, the delicious power of it all...!

Sleep is still going brilliantly; he has been going down pretty consistently around 7:45 - 8:00pm and will sleep until around 7:00am and the difference that has made in our evenings, nights and mornings is absolutely amazing.

One random development, though, is that Joris has been waking up from his naps absolutely distraught more often than not the last couple of weeks. It had happened before occasionally, but it's been with alarming regularity recently. He will just cry and cry with his sad little gnome face all scrunched up, nothing being able to soothe him and it can take over an hour before he finally snaps out of it. I don't know if it's nightmares, being pissed off that he woke up or, as Jacob thinks, since he doesn't cry at bedtime anymore, he needs to let off steam somehow.

But, even if it sometimes gets a little challenging with the incessant no's and
random bouts of crying, it is nice to remember that Joris really is a pretty easy-going and very sweet little boy.

Since the improved sleep situation, Jacob and I spend some time almost every night listing the many cute, incredible and sweet things that Joris did that day. Below is a selection:

I love that, after undressing him, Joris will insist on sitting up on the changing table and throws his arms around my neck for a nice, long hug until he says "Joris kleertjes aan" (Joris put clothes on).

I love seeing and hearing him interact with Auntie Chris, the way he seeks out her approval and his need to be close to her. Whenever she has been over just before bed or nap time, the first words he will utter when waking up are "Auntie Chris?".

I love the way he is excited about readings books and seeing what stories capture his interest. How he giggles in anticipation of all the animals falling down in one story, or how he will breathlessly listen to all four of the Little Bear stories in a row, leaning against his daddy's chest.

I appreciate how sensitive he is and how his little face clouds over with concern whenever he hears another child cry. With Avery, he will try to find her binky or her lovey because he knows that they comfort her, and whenever she stops crying he will very hopefully say "Avey happy now".

I love the way he interacts with stuffed animals and with the cats. He assumes every toy and stuffed animal can talk and has something to say. He wants to show them things and gain their approval, even though (or maybe because?) it is very clear that he understands that it's us that make the animals talk. He has also taken it upon himself to be the feeder and door-opener for the cats; filling their bowls throughout the day and even opening the door to call them inside when he thinks they've been away for too long.

I love the way how, in his excitement to get words out of his mouth, he stutters - sometimes up to ten or fifteen times.

After waking up this afternoon (not in a foul mood this time), both Jacob and I went into his room to get him. He reached out for Jacob and said "Daddy, play" and directed me to go out of the room. And I love that, too.

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Claudia said...

“NO!” and crying and mini-tantrums, oh my! This is Joris’s globe-trotting Grandma who misses him so much. But my guilt over long absences is mitigated by knowing how adored and well cared for he is. Keep up the good work you young parents.