Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Many Moods

Toddlers are such fickle creatures. One minute they are exuberantly happy, the next minute inconsolable over some (imagined) injustice.

Joris is experimenting with bossiness again and nobody is safe;

"Mama sit at table with Joris. Mama eat this one."

"Daddy no sit at table. Daddy go sit on couch!"

"Koos come inside. Right now!"

"More flying, uncle Jack. MORE FLYING!"

If he does not get his way, his demands are followed by whines.
The other day he cried for 20 minutes because Avery did not want to put on her shoes.

Especially during teething season we saw a lot of this:

Fortunately, he has been experiencing more of the giddy, happy moods since the most recent molars popped through. We have been enjoying being outside and going to the variety of parks that Seattle has to offer. We have gone for a hay ride at the South 47 farm and splashed in the water, dug in the sand and soaked up the sun at Carkeek and Matthews Beach. We got him a bike seat and a helmet and are hoping to go on many little bike rides. Our inaugural ride was pretty successful, although it made me realize how horrifically out of shape I really am. Either that, as a proper Dutch girl, I'm just not used to any kind of hills.

Some happier faces we've seen recently:

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Sarah B said...

Hang in there Joris! It gets easier. Hang in there Carine, too. I, er, hope it gets easier?