Monday, June 1, 2009

Two year molar time

About a month ago, Joris suddenly stopped eating well, constantly was gnawing on a finger and, frankly, became quite the pain in the butt for a few days. Just as I had resigned myself to this-is-what-they-mean-by-the-terrible-two's, lo and behold, a new molar had appeared and I basically slapped my forehead and let out a loud "d'oh!" for not having recognized the, now very obvious, symptoms.

Of course it had been a while since we had to deal with any teething related issues; Joris sprouted his first tooth right around 4 months of age and shortly after turning 1, he had grown 16 of the 20 required teeth, including the first set of molars.

You'd think we would have caught on sooner this time around though, but it still involved Joris being on an all liquid diet (all solid food either tasted bad or made him gag) with a fragile disposition for nearly four days before I put two and two together. The second of the final four molars poked through yesterday, so we have just two more to go before we'll be done for a few years.

Unfortunately, Joris seems to have caught a stomach bug as well, which apparently is very common while teething. So now his copious amounts of milk are being rejected by his tummy, which makes for a fairly miserably feeling little boy, although he is being a trooper.

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Carine said...

Correction: the third of the last four molars came through as well. Score! Two for the price of one!