Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ejelok Naps

About a week and a half ago, Joris stopped napping. At first it seemed like he was still giving it a good faith effort and then got frustrated when he wasn't falling asleep, but as of late it seems like he has stopped trying altogether.

The two times that he did indeed fall asleep, were short little 30 and 45 minute naps. And, judging by his perfectly happy and cheerful behavior throughout the afternoon, it seems that maybe the Naptime Express has reached the end of line.

There could be other causes, I keep hoping. His final molar is making its appearance, so that could be it, right? And Isla's mom told me that Isla has finally succumbed to naps again, after a month long hiatus and friend's child had done the same, right around 2 years of age.

We still do the same nap time routine and keep Joris in his crib for about an hour and a half. Sometimes he plays quietly with some cars, or looks at books, or, like today, he spends most of his resting time whining "Joris all done sleeping".

Avery's family has been on vacation and so we have not experienced the no-nap situation at her house yet. I'm curious to find out how it will go. Peer pressure is a very useful tool, but I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that perhaps Joris is just done with napping. I hope it's not the case, but it would certainly fit with his sleep history...

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