Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Joris moved into a big boy bed last weekend. We hadn't really anticipated this to happen for a little while still, but it turned out that he was more than ready.

Joris had been starting to make attempts to climb out of his crib and although he never did see it through, I had started to troll Craigslist for a twin bed to have on hand for when that day would suddenly arrive. I was pretty particular in what I wanted for his room; something with storage underneath the bed, featuring both a head board and a foot board and no particle board, if at all possible. Turns out wood, twin captain's beds are rather expensive and contemporary or classic styles (read: not the crappy '70s rounded oak varieties) are hard to find.

One day, I had a few pictures up on the computer and Joris came over to look at them. I told him they were pictures of big boy beds and that we were looking for a new, big bed for him for when he would be too big for his crib.

Since that day, at nap time and bed time he'd ask "Where's my big bed?".

I found a listing for a bed that was just what we'd been looking for, for a reasonable price and the people selling it were willing to deliver it.

Joris was so excited and watched Jacob put it together and could hardly wait until I got home with the mattress and sheets. According to Jacob, the only moment of concern was when he asked "My animals, daddy, my animals!" and Jacob quickly reassured him that his animals would move into his big bed with him. In fact, many more animals have joined the pack since the bed is so much bigger.

It's funny to see his little body in that big bed. The transition has been a complete non-issue. He has not been scared and even still stays in his bed (although he knows how to get in and out by himself) after lights out and even waits for us to come get him after he wakes up.

He did fall out three times. We debated getting a little gate to keep him from doing so, but in the end just put a mattress on the floor with the idea that he'll eventually learn / get used to not falling out. Stellar parenting, right? It does seem to have worked though - no falling incidents in the last few days at all!

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