Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy times

I've been pretty busy lately. I've been at rehearsals for The Producers almost every night and full days on Saturdays and we have just switched to a 6 day a week schedule. This in addition to taking care of two kids four days a week and trying to find time to fit the occasional script writing assignment in. And trying to make sure we all eat reasonably healthy meals, have clean clothes to wear and don't have to wade through too much filth at home. Fortunately, Jacob has been a great help with pretty much everything.

Stage managing has been a lot of fun, although I realize it's a lot harder to do when it's one of several jobs. There is a lot of paperwork involved and I'm just not able to find enough time to really delve into as deeply as I want to and probably should. But, we have a great cast and the show is so damn funny that it's impossible not to laugh out loud. And it feels good to be doing something I know I can do and enjoy doing.

Last weekend, Jacob took Joris on the train for a visit to Portland. We had tried to prepare him for the fact that I would not be coming with them and apparently had done that so well that Joris barely blinked at my departure from the train station. In fact, he was so distracted by the trains and the excitement of it all that he could have really cared less. It sounds like they had a really nice visit, although sleeping was a bit a bit of an issue since Joris preferred to sleep in the big bed with Jacob instead of on a mattress on the floor, so especially the latter did not get much rest.

I enjoyed some quality alone time when they were gone - for the first time in I don't even know how long. I just know it hasn't happened since Joris was born and I know I was never really alone during our time in the Marshall Islands... In any case, it was glorious and only occasionally a little bit lonely. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to see them both again when I picked them up on Saturday, but having the freedom to really decide what it was I wanted to do was a wonderful change of pace!

I had a mentoring event on Thursday night and was able to join our friend Richard and some fellow mentors for a drink afterwards without having to worry about what time to be home or being woken up at 6:30am by a chipper toddler, ready for a day of playing. We hung out at Richard's apartment for a while, too - talking and watching tv shows and I realized that was something that hasn't happened for a long time either, at least not without it involving bringing a pack and play. It was nice.

On Friday I got to sleep in and my one activity of the day was meeting up with Christine for happy hour at Stanford's. It also involved watching an embarrassing amount of West Wing episodes and going to bed early. That was all the alone time I really had since I had rehearsals all day on Saturday and picked the boys back up right after that. But, I am proud of myself for doing practically no cleaning.

Joris has hit the language development stage where he is practically spewing a continuous stream of consciousness; narrating events, making up stories, ordering me around and questioning (what's that? why you do that, mama?) all day long. It's rather exhausting, but also very cute. And it's amazing (and occasionally embarrassing) to hear the things coming out of his mouth.
A few favorites:

"Move it, lady!" (when stopped in the car)

"Oh my goodness. That too much." (when looking at tags on clothing in a store)

"Mama, that guy bloot (naked)" (when seeing someone without a shirt on. It's times like that I am so grateful for his bilingualism!)

Things that Joris enjoys doing these days:

- stamping and coloring

- stating "I do it myself" at every possible moment. Preferably in stereo with Avery or Isla.

- memorizing countries on the map. I think he knows about 20-25 now, including exciting toddler facts like "lemurs live in Madagascar" and "tigers live in India".

- pointing out letters on signs and elsewhere in everyday life. He will often make up the meaning of them "that says oatmeal squares are yummy" or "MWCF - that spells daaaaddy!". He also insists on spelling out every single stop sign we pass "that sign says stop. s.t.o.p.".

- giving Jacob a rough time at bedtime by crying, screaming, asking for water, more songs and otherwise not laying down and going to sleep.

- pointing out every Honda on the road and in the parking lot.

- not saying the "s" at the beginning of most words that need one. He usually replaces it with a "t" sound, so take=snake, towman=snowman and I teamed means "I screamed".

- trying to figure out numbers. He still gets about 70% or more wrong most of the time, but does have a good grasp on number 1, 2 and number towman (8).

- doing the exact opposite of what he's being asked to do. Yes, fun and from what I understand, unavoidable.

- still mostly operating in English, although he is slowly re-incorporating more Dutch with me again.

- reading stories to Avery from books that he knows very well. The cute thing is that Avery is totally into it to saying "read this one, Joris!" and then him reciting what fragments (or occasionally complete text) of the story he remembers.

It's been a year now that I've been keeping this blog and being able to read back about what Joris was into this time last year is enjoyable. (For example, it's so hard to imagine he had barely spoken a handful of words at this point last year and now he's all mr. chatterbox. I would have never predicted that!) I'm glad I have this to look back on.

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Jacob said...

Ha ha ha! Remember when we made a list of (almost) all of the words and signs he knew? That would be much harder now.