Wednesday, December 2, 2009


"Mama, I want honey on my toast."

"O.K. sweetie."

"I want honey on my toast, Mama."


"I WANT honey ON my toast!"

"I am putting honey on your toast."


"Joris. You do not yell at Mama. There is honey on your toast. I'm putting it on right now. Also, when Mama says, O.K., you can stop asking because it means you are already getting it."

"Mama? I want honey on my toast, please."

"Thank you for asking nicely. I am making your toast right now."

"With honey. I want honey on my toast."

"Yes, with honey. Here is your toast."

"Is there honey on it?"

"Yes. There is honey on your toast."

(3 minutes of solid toast munching)

"I want more toast. With honey on it. Is there more honey? I want more honey on my toast."

I don't mind the incessant chatter quite so much, but the repeated questions like this can just drive me up the wall. Especially since he seems to be doing it on purpose now, either repeatedly asking questions that he knows the answer to ("Is Poultry Tale in Honk!?") or purposely making untrue statements ("Koos is a dog!") I know it's all part of normal development, but man - does it ever make me want to reach for a bottle of liquor!

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Sarah B said...

Oh, the reality. There is a reason two year olds are so cute.

So when are we getting together? At this rate our kids will not recognize eachother anymore. I think we will be missing eachother location-wise for the next couple weeks. We are out of town this weekend, and then you are out of the country after that. Let's figure it out; facebook me?